The Legislature has turned a blind eye to education in West Virginia.  Year after year we are confronted by below-average test scores and the loss of teachers to neighboring states.  If our state is going to move forward, we have to make the investment in our children’s future.

Fight Charter School Legislation

Charter schools are the biggest threat to public education in our state.  Charter schools are run by private corporations using taxpayer money.  Charter schools do not have to meet any education standards and are exempt from many laws regarding public education.  They have private admissions standards and are not open for every schoolchild.  As the product of the public school system, I know that we don’t fix public education by dismantling public education.

 Attract the Best Teachers

The old saying “You get what you pay for,” says a lot about the state of education in West Virginia.  Our state has among the lowest paid teachers in the country.  I will work to help make teaching in West Virginia an attractive opportunity by making teachers’ compensation competitive with neighboring states.

  Reinvest in Higher & Technical Education

In the 21st century, long-term growth is dependent on the presence of higher education and having an educated workforce.  For the past few years, the Legislature has cut higher education and we are paying for it with reduced economic growth.  As a Senator, I will fight to ensure that higher education receives more funding so that it can spin-off jobs in our area.

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