Healthy moms, babies and families

Senator Glenn Jeffries is a pro-life Christian who shares our West Virginia values. Glenn is an active member of the Cross Lanes Baptist Church. Today, in his role as State Senator, Glenn Jeffries votes to protect mothers and babies and to help families get a good start in life.


Family Planning

Senator Glenn Jeffries helped pass two laws to make access to birth control much easier.  Family planning services are more readily available to help prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Senator Glenn Jeffries voted for this bill. Check the facts:  HB 4007, 2020 Session.

Abortion on Demand

Don’t believe the false political ads. Glenn Jeffries has never voted in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion. Senator Jeffries voted to clean-up a poorly written bill to protect women in the case of rape, incest or a life-threatening pregnancy.

20 Week Ban

The ban on abortion after 20 weeks became law in 2015, before Senator Glenn Jeffries was ever elected to public office. This is just another false attack by desperate politicians. Check out the facts: H.B. 2658, 2015 Session.

Parental Notification

Parental notification has been the law in West Virginia for more than 15-years. Senator Jeffries voted to uphold the law, which allows a doctor or judge to grant a waiver when necessary. Check the facts: H.B. 2002, 2017 Session.


Caring For Vulnerable West Virginians

Birth to Three

Senator Glenn Jeffries supported fully funding the program which helps newborns and their mothers get off to a good start together.  There are services for children who have special needs or health difficulties. For more information go here:

IDD Waiver

Senator Glenn Jeffries worked with the leaders of the movement and the families to finally clear the waiting list of children and adults who need services to assist with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Foster Care Reform

Senator Jeffries battled in the state senate to help foster parents.  His work helped equalize funding support for kinship foster parents.  The bill gives a voice to families in the care of the foster child.  It provides incentives for adoption.


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