Shower Units Available for Flood Victims

Flood victims who have access to the town of Clendenin now also have access to a clean place to shower every day.

Glenn Jeffries, who is the President of Cornerstone Interiors, has teamed up with volunteers and other local businesses to launch a showering trailer for victims of the devastating flooding in West Virginia.

The trailer opened Saturday.

There are twelve showering units that can be used no charge, and there are showering supplies available as well.

" When you look around and see the devastation, there's a lot of things that goes through your mind to try to be able to help people, and one of the things that we weren't thinking about was for people to be able to come and take a hot shower. And that's why we put our heads together and came up with this idea," says Jeffries.

He says maintenance and cleanliness is important to them, and the showers are cleaned every day to ensure they remain sanitary for the next month.

The shower trailer is located at 1 Russel Drive next to the Clendenin Church of the Nazarene and is open to the public from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

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